Waterstones shop display uses Big Issue seller’s art

A former graphic designer living in a caravan in Bath has received a massive boost after seeing his work featured in a Waterstones shop display.

The Mirror reported how Jon Brown has been selling the Big Issue for years outside the bookshop, after failing to make it in the London art world and ending up on the streets for three years.

He moved to Bath and has been living in a mobile home, but his life took a major turn for the better when he handed in several sketches to Waterstones, which was putting a book launch display for children’s author John West.

His drawings of dragons were used in the presentation and the writer liked them so much that he has hired him to be the illustrator for his next three titles, starting with Katy and the Rainbow Mermaid.

Mr Brown, 32, told the publication: “This has put the spring back in my step. It has given me something to get out of bed for every morning.”

Another unusual shop display recently appeared in Zara’s Countrywear in Barnard Castle, County Durham, according to the Teesdale Mercury.

The retail outlet put on show a dress made entirely out of newspapers, which was created by 16-year-old GCSE student Nicole Coultard.

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