Retail point of sale spending up as roadside ads tumble

A boost in spending in the digital and retail point of sale markets has saved a weak performance in roadside advertising, says the Outdoor Media Centre (OMC). are reporting that outdoor digital advertising revenues were £29.8 million during the quarter, representing a rise of 10 per cent compared to 2010′s Q2.

Digital is quickly becoming a dominant force in outdoor advertising accounting for 14.2 per cent of all revenues. It was up 12.8 per cent on the previous year.

In particular, digital transport advertising (chiefly subway, rail and airport) was popular, accounting for 50 per cent of this rise, followed by roadside ads (large format LED billboards and spectaculars) at 29 per cent, and then the retail and leisure sectors (including malls, gyms etc) at 21 per cent.

Contrastingly, six-sheet roadside advertising dropped 1.5 per cent year-on-year. It is understood that this is drop is due to the General Election which provided a boost in the the billboard market in 2010.

Meanwhile, retail advertising and point-of-sale was up 2.9 per cent.

In an statement, Mike Baker, CEO of the Outdoor Media Centre, said that outdoor advertising has faced “challenging circumstances” this quarter, but insists revenues have held up “comparatively well.”

“We were pleased to record only a small loss, and in fact more than half our 35 members enjoyed growth,” he said.

“With revenues for the first half of 2011 only minimally down, my hunch is that outdoor has outperformed the media market as a whole.”

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