Harrods and Selfridges begin Christmas celebrations in July

Despite there being 145 days until Christmas, Harrods and Selfridges have both opened festive shop displays in their London stores.

Neither of the department stores have ever began their Yuletide preparations as early as July before but customers have been able to enjoy carols, decorations and even a chance to speak with Santa Claus since last Thursday.

Harrods executives explained that they were reacting to “increasing consumer demand of international markets” by opening their festive room a week earlier than last year.

They said that many Muslim tourists were keen to invest in Christmas decorations before the month of Ramadan, which starts today. BBC News reports that Harrods’ larger traditional Christmas grotto will still open on November 5th, as it does every year.

Selfridges also cited increased demand from tourists as the main reason for pulling back the opening of their Christmas display.

A statement from the department store featured on Yahoo! News read: “Sales in previous years have proved that customers are ready to start thinking about Christmas in the summer, especially visitors from overseas.

“This year, Selfridges’ international visitors have already increased by over 40 per cent which has encouraged Selfridges to reconsider its traditional August Christmas shop opening.” 

Sources from the department store denied they had moved back to compete with Harrods.

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