Pop-up shops could “save the high street”

Cautious retailers worried about their faring on the high street could consider opening up pop-up shops in a bid to boost sales, suggests a retail software specialist.

Scott Storey, managing director of CTS Retail, told the Retail Gazette that this type of retail display does not only have to be used at Christmas-time.

He insists that it is a great way of allowing businesses to trial new locations, products and designs without the need for a large investment. ”Pop-up shops are different, exciting and can be an extremely great way of trialling market demand before committing to full-blown store rollout,” Storey explained.

“The volatile nature of the high street means that there are many opportunities to gain further presence which may seem too good to miss out on.”

Many well-known retailers such as Jane Norman, T J Hughes and Habitat were cited as being businesses spiraling into demise, with HMV and Carpet Right teetering closely behind with poor trading figures.

However, Storey has little sympathy for failing marketeers: “The reality is that the previous retailer who occupied that position failed for a reason, and it may not be purely due to the brand itself, or poor management of the business.”

Storey’s suggestions could well be taken up by retailers as the Mail Online reports that 10,000 retail jobs in total could face the axe as a result of failing brands. This includes the chocolate giant Thorntons which yesterday announced it would be selling off 120 stores within the next three – five years.

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