Digital signage worth £2.8bn by 2016

Digital signage for shop signs, media players and advertising displays is to become a staggering £2.8 billion worldwide market by 2016, ABI research claims.

Currently, it is worth only £800 million, the research firm added. 

“The digital signage industry has come a long way since its early days (of just a decade ago),” said the group, in its study - the ‘Digital Signage Market and Business Case Analysis 2010-2016′ on

It said that while it was used to be common for pre-recorded content to be displayed on screens, in future we can expect a much richer resource of media, thanks to technological advancements.

These include the arrival of broadband internet, digital displays, rich media assets, and network-based solutions.

“Digital signs have a more compelling impact than some forms of traditional media,” commented Larry Fisher, practice director of automotive, energy and emerging technologies at ABI Research.

As cited by, he continued: “Digital signage has redefined the model for out-of-home advertising through the deployment of signs at malls, airports, and banks, among others; signs that deliver content in real time, or content that has already been stored and scheduled for delivery at the most appropriate time.”

Fisher sees a future where displays could be controlled wirelessly by a mobile phone network which would allow a ”continual stream of fresh and relevant content,” as opposed to manually replacing old promotional materials.

If this idea comes to fruition, then digital advertisers would in theory be able to customise content to “the time of day or the demographics of the audience watching the screen,” Fisher said.

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