Interactive film posters revealed

Mobile phone owners in London can interact with a film poster for a Hollywood blockbuster just by touching it, EDP24 reports.

The visual merchandising campaign for 20th Century Fox’s X-Men First Class is powered by mobile phones equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) readers.

NFC allows wireless communication over short distances, and in the case of the X-Men poster, NFC-users will be directed to an exclusive trailer and Facebook page for the film via their 3G internet connection.

The interactive posters in Tottenham Court Road and Holburn are acting as a promotional demonstration for both the film and media agencies who may be interested in investing in NFC.

This is one of the first times the technology has been used in the point of sale displays market. The advertising community widely believes that NFC could drive the future of interactive sales and marketing.

Neil Garner, founder and chief executive of the Norwich firm supplying the technology said it was “rewarding” to see NFC’s first public “coming of age”.

He said: “NFC offers advertisers greater opportunities to build ‘hyper-local’ promotional campaigns using media-rich, high-quality content that can only enhance their relationships with their customers.”

Just a handful of models are currently NFC-enabled, such as the Nokia C7 and Google Nexus S, but it is the scale of NFC that is getting marketers talking.

James Davies, director of communications agency Posterscope told Media Week: “There are 130,000 commercially available poster sites in the UK that can be instantly enabled. For the client the cost of each NFC chip is extremely low and the consumer receives instant fulfilment.”

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