Flurry of orders for Kate Middleton mannequins

Many retailers are looking to capitalise on Britain’s continued Royal Wedding fever by ordering mannequins which look Kate Middleton.

Following recent reports from Metro which suggested that one in five Brits have purchased royal wedding merchandise, it appears that retailers are now hoping to cash in on the continued hype surrounding the occasion.

It may have been a couple of weeks since Kate and Prince William were married in front of millions of viewers, but it has emerged that shop fittings companies are still receiving plenty of requests for Middleton merchandise.

Steve Whittle, who is the marketing director of an independent shop-fitting firm, claimed that the requests were amongst the most unusual he has ever received.

Speaking to Journalism.co.uk, he suggested that although the hype around Kate is still huge, retailers might be better off opting for more traditional mannequins, as they offer more versatility than specially designed ones.

He said: “Kate’s fashion choices have been on the front page of every style magazine and high street stores seem to be keen to step up their interest and keep her very much at the front of everyone’s minds.”

“Although the demand for Kate Middleton lookalike mannequins poses an interesting opportunity, feedback from our retail customers shows that opting for mannequins of a standard shape generates a better return on investment in the long run.”

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