Jack Wills’ advertising comes under fire

A luxury clothes retailer has been warned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) to withdraw its current promotional material.

Jack Wills’ Spring catalogue and shop displays were condemned by the ASA for being “overtly sexual”, claiming that the material was unsuitable for the market it was aimed at.

Despite the Devon-based company claiming that it is aimed at University students and those over 18, the ASA held up the nineteen complaints it received and ordered the brand to withdraw its advertising until the material within it is changed.

It is the second time the brand has found itself in hot water with the ASA, after complaints two years ago in a similar vein. Then, the images were cleared as being not provocative enough to present a risk.

This time, however, despite the brand’s logo describing them as “university outfitters” and a company that promotes “a positive, fun and sometimes flirtatious” reflection of student life, the ASA has claimed that the images went beyond the parameters of fun and flirtation.

An ASA spokesperson told Sky News why it chose to take action, saying, “Because we considered (one of the images) in particular to be overtly sexual in nature, we concluded that the catalogue was sufficiently provocative as to present a risk to younger teenagers.”

The spokesperson went on to tell The Drum which image had caused concern. “The side of the woman’s breast was visible and her left leg was wrapped around the man who was holding it. We considered that those images would be appealing to younger teenagers, because they portrayed a lifestyle to which they might aspire.”

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