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Shop sign restrictions to be relaxed

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Restrictions on traditional hanging shop signs in the side streets of Chichester, are due to be relaxed.

The long standing constraints are to be lifted as part of a scheme aimed to reduce the number of A-boards used in the city centre, which has been as issue for many years.

Conservationists and groups which represent the partially-sighted and disabled have strongly criticised the use of A-boards in the historic city, but local authorities have been reluctant to take action because of the problems faced by retailers.

The district council is now implementing changes to their shop front and advertising design guidance, with a new approach to the hanging of signs.

Until now, the guidance discouraged the use of hanging signs and although it is unlikely that they will be allowed in the city’s four main streets, the new policy states that along ‘subsidiary side streets,’ they will be considered for certain properties.

The decision is a turn around by the district council, who discouraged the signs claiming they led to ‘excessive street clutter.’ Peter Filtness a planning officer at the council said the aim of the rule change was to allow a ‘general easing of the guidance on these signs’.

According to the story in the Chichester Observer, Filtness said: “The idea is that if these are more forthcoming, the pressure for A-boards will be reduced.”

Applications for hanging signs will be considered on their own individual merits and the decision will take into account the character of the building and surrounding townscape, the width of the pavement and the proximity of adjacent hanging signs.

Muller are hunting for best visual merchandising of yogurts

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Retailers across the country are set to spruce up their shop displays in a bid to win prizes for the best visual merchandising of yogurts.

As reported by Talking Retail, three retailers will have the opportunity to win Love2Shop vouchers by creating the best visual merchandising from the contents of the packs.

Muller Dairy has launched it’s ‘Grow Your Sales with Muller’ programme that will give free merchandising advice in a bid to support retailers and boost sales of yogurt.

When the competition ends in October, retailers will be able to sign up to the free Muller Convenience Retail Club, which will give them access to regular updates on any product launches as well as exclusive visual merchandising units and POS kits supplied directly to the store, or via their chilled distributor.

Retailers are being asked to enter by submitting photographs of their yogurt shop displays before October the 31st.

Last year’s winner was Paul Houghton, manager of Spar in Blacon, Chester. He impressed Muller with his clear signposting, the use of shelf-strips and spoon holders, and good levels of stock in the chiller.

“Our customers are very price conscious so the promotional deals with very well, as do 6-packs as we have people buying for their families,” Mr Houghton told Independent Retail News last year. “There isn’t really any excuse for being out-of-stock – if it’s not on shelf you can’t sell it! You do need to be mindful of wastage, but we have deliveries six days a week so it really isn’t an issue for us.”